Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pass the popcorn

i have an order for a movie theme cake... hmmm... the invites were old fashioned popcorn boxes (red and white stripe) and so here goes!

this rectangle cake is now shaped to be a popcorn container. i made white chocolate popcorn and sprinkled yellow sugar on it to make it look like the yummy movie theater butter popcorn. the cake is a yellow cake with buttercream icing. pretty simple, but a crowd pleaser.

i am sure that victoria will have a fabulous 8th birthday at the movie theater with all of her friends. little does she know that i will never forget this cake...

once upon a time.. I like to think of this story as a fairytale/nightmare and not what really happened, oh but it really happened..

i completed this fun cake and all ready for a early saturday morning pick-up (7:30am..yikes!) so on friday afternoon, all is good. oh but i bought the wrong size box. oh well i will head to the store amongst all of the other errands i have tonight and pick one up. no big deal right? i have plans after i leave the house to pick up kylie from school, we hang at decorator's warehouse and check out cool christmas decorations, get our hair cut, go to scott's softball game and pick up michael take him and kylie to granbury, go to the store for the box and land back at home. a lot but doable in one evening. kylie and i received a frantic call from scott.. there are cuss words involved but all in all, he "messed" up he said. well when i left him he was checking out flights to ATL for my mom, i just figured we actually bought one... nope. the cake, he says. of course my heart drops and i need clarification, stat. he proceeds to tell me that he wanted some soup.. ok. he turned on the burner and put the pot on there. ok. well he chose the WRONG BURNER. ok, yep just where you thought, were my cake is. he panicked and yes he fears me. he picked up that cake and the cardboard wrinkled and so did the cake. did i mention that it is red and white and what do those colors make? pink. yea not on a popcorn box. so i am not at home and you know my list i will not be back until at least 10 and i am possibly faced with a complete re-do because the pick up is at 7:30 am. ahhhhh... he takes pics and video with the camera. the video is comical because he is apologizing!! who likes burnt popcorn? well ok my mom, but no one else does. that is the smell i am picking up on, could be in my head too. basically to make this long story a touch shorter, i had to only scrape the icing off and then redo it. oh and scott, he is still alive. victoria and her friends do not know this story and had no idea that this even happened.

there are always "Creative Challenges" but this by far takes the cake..

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