Friday, January 2, 2009

I finally got aid professional mixer!

My family all went in together and bought me a mixer. Not just any mixer but the queen of all mixers, well at least for me it is. It is black and silver (just what I wanted) and nice and powerful. Now when I make my sugar cookie dough the mixer will be the boss and not the dough! (the dough crawls up the beaters and they get so heavy they fall off!) My handheld mixer did not have a SLOW setting so I was always making a mess with the flour or powedered sugar. UGH!! It will not fit on my counter full time, so I have made room for it on a shelf. I cannot wait for my next project so I can use this new bad boy!

sweet ornaments...

For Christmas I received several "sweet ornaments, some from NYC!! I will have to get another tree just to hold my "sweet" treat ornaments. Thanks everyone!!

faux decorated cookies in treat bags / snowman baker with a tray of gingerbread men / snowman ice cream cone / cake truffle with sprinkles / glittery cupcake trinket box ornament

Christmas is here...

Christmas is all about the sweets! This time of year everyone is baking something. I did not make anything out of the ordinary, but everything tasted extrodinary. I had some help I must admit. Over the holidays my sister and brother were here and wanted to take part. We had a lot of fun. I wish my brother lived closer, I schooled him on the cake truffles and he is quick!

butter pecan rum mini cakes / lemon and red velvet cake truffles / lemon, cherry and blueberry mini pies / decorated sugar cookies

pretzel turtles/ white cake, cream cheese icing cupcakes / chocolate-peanut butter mallow bars