Saturday, September 27, 2008

ema turns one!! 09-27-08

ema's mom lori had several great ideas in mind for her first birthday. one of them being, taking a cake to have her portraits made. where was this idea when kylie was one?? this cake was inspired by one lori found on the internet (kudos to the designer). i just adjusted to the colors lori desired. ema was introduced to her cake the day before the pictures and was quite amazed! so on picture day she was ready to get into this cake with BOTH hands. she is so adorable! also, i made this cake again along with cupcakes for her birthday party which is today. i am sure she was a show stopper at her party!! she is quite the little ham! thanks lori for believing in me and allowing me to be a part of ema's big day!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

here comes the... groom... 9-22-08

at work we had a surprise "bachelor" potluck for robby vaughn and his fiance' aubrey. i made a simple 8"white fondant cake with 3 layers, made with my favorite recipe white cheesecake, and almond flavored buttercream icing. congratulations!

footballs & turf cupcakes 9-20-08

who says you cannot dress up a cupcake for a boy??? here are some triple chocolate fudge footballs and some yummy cheesecake almond turf. all for my favorite football player James, #88 for the Seminoles in Alvarado.

oh so sweet lady bug... 8-30-08

an emergency situation is the way i landed this gig. a friend of a friend called and asked if anything lady bug could be made to rescue a one year old's birthday party for the upcoming weekend. auntie m to the rescue! this lady bug is hot pink and black, her fondant spots are dark chocolate, yum!

cheerleader cake... rah rah rah 7-12-08

this is a megaphone cake and pom pom cupcakes i made for my Macie Jo, for her 6th birthday. this party even had real high school cheerleaders that came and did a mini cheer workshop! her colors are kelly green and purple. the cake matches the handmade invitation made by her mom. the pom poms are variegated and everything is covered in glitter!!