Wednesday, August 25, 2010

gamer cake

a guy's dream... an edible xbox 360 with his favorite game halo represented
need i say more??

chutes and ladders

the morning we are leaving for vegas, i checked my emails to find one from a Tiffany that went to school with my sis in law needing a cake for her son's 2nd birthday.. she has a set of ideas that she provided and suggestions. how fun! but stuck because i am heading out of town and all i want to do now is search the internet for more inspiration. good thing the cake is for august and this is may!
seeing that i had never played or seen the game unopened i had to get one!
little cohen had a great outdoor party and his mommy did a spectacular job planning and decorating, i am honored just to be involved!

smash cake

baby audrey is turning a year old
and the tradition is a little smash cake.
stephanie took some professional shots of her tearing it up at nana's house.
she is so cute in her BIG bow and rockin' tutu!
for more pics check out her website!

kylie's candy bar

for kylie's 13th birthday - she wanted a BIG party... huh? each year that child has a big party - what is she talking about!! she decided on a pool party (doable but... we do not have one of those!) well pat does (papa harse's girlfriend).. she said yes and began to prep her yard for the big day!

seeing that it is outside and a pool party i still wanted some sort of a theme.. last year for her birthday she flew to NYC to visit her uncle jeff - they went to dylan's candy bar and she loved that place... who wouldn't though, tons of candy everywhere! seeing that candy buffets are growing in popularity at weddings and parties, i should join in the fad and do that!
so we did, i had the official logo altered to have her name instead of dylan and stephanie ( took some sweet pool pics for the invites (done by and started planning the fun.
i wanted the kids to have something to take away from the party but these are teenagers now.. harder to please.. i saw some great water jugs at dollar tree (pink, lime and turquoise) in the late spring and snatched them up.. i hate cups everywhere! rachel helped me with the cricut machine and we cut out their names in vinyl so they had clearly marked "cups" and could take them home (no trash, no dishes!) also found some donut floaties in pink, lime and turquoise and bought up some of those.. other than that all i had to worry about was the table and the food.
the candy bar consisted of assorted glass jars found at the dollar tree and michael's.. i bought non-chocolate candies, ribbons and made tags for the jars.. i already had the cute tablecloths.
of course she wanted a cake and cookies (she has to see me make this stuff on a weekly basis, poor kid!) the cake is the dylan's logo and the cookies, 13's and bikinis.. yellow polka dot bikinis!!

the kids had a blast, some could not make it, that is ok to me!
less teenagers = less drama

"this was the best party ever" - everyone said to me! and i agree, it was so fun! they all came back to our house to crash! i fed them pancakes, candy and juice the next morning!

all star baby shower

this baby shower party was so fun to be a part of! you really got the feel of being at a ball park! there was a popcorn machine, hot dog machine, nachos, peanuts, sunflower seeds and a margarita machine! it was even HOT outside and the misters were going!
the "concession stand" had a variety of ball park favs including candies, sunflower seeds, brownines, and yummy cookies! the ryland banner and the diaper cake were a hit!
ryland is so loved already :)
congrats to baby mama (amber) and baby daddy (darrell)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

twilight saga

after seeing the rylee cake, madison's mom quickly called and ordered a cake for her birthday.. madison is turning 11 and is having a eclipse movie watching party.. the party is the same night as the movie premier - how fitting to have the cake match up with the book that inspired the movie!
the cake is a butter cake colored red, the frosting is chocolate colored black and the ribbon, well.. it's real! i added a couple of personal touches and ta da..
i did hear back and the girls just loved the cake!!

my little renee turns 9

not to confuse you, but RYLEE is aka renee to me.. inside story between us that is from about 3 years ago and going strong - oh you wonder what she refers to me as.. strawberry.. cute :)

renee is turning 9 ... already! having a rockin' skating party! she wanted a zebra cake.. lesa wanted to incorporate teal and purple... done, done and done..

cake is zebra, letters are purple and i colored the cake batter teal!


our friends darrell and amber have bought a new house and of course hosting a party! i asked to help in some way.. they said they got it and then i suggested cookies.. i can do that at least.. oh my i began searching for inspiration and found the cutest little house cookie cutter ever and now it is mine!! the icing is flavored with cocoa and kahlua... yummy!
happy home darrell and amber :)

seguin high school class of 2010

congrats colton on your graduation!
this is a 3 layer butter cake with buttercream icing.. pretty much the best! everyone loved this cake! the grad cap is fondant and the numbers are royal icing..

Monday, August 23, 2010

zachary's western round up

rachel planned a rootin' tootin' western third birthday for little zackie.. equipped with a candy saloon, old west town (made out of boxes) we decorated his cake together (similar idea found online) and it really pulled everything together! denim - with a wrangler patch, bandana, cowhide, rope and cactus... also made some cookie treats; horses, hats and boots
the cake is 3 tiers but 2 layers are not cake - just styrofoam... the top layer is wrapped in duct tape - "inside" funny story surrounding that one! lol
my mom helped rachel by drawing the cowgirl and cowboy - why didn't i do this when kylie was little :(
for his preschool class i made some "3's and z's cookies to pass out to his friends!

jen & q's wedding

my co-worker jen asked me to make her wedding cake right after she bacame engaged to q. they were married at the chatteau at forest park near the art district in fort worth. the white cake is made with white chocolate and so is the frosting. the black icing was disguised also, it was chocolate frosting! also, jen is a mickey mouse buff.. q said no mickey except for one little figure on the cake table... much to his surprise, i worked in the mickey icon in several places on the back of the cake - just a practical joke on him when he would go to cut their first piece.. i was not there to see this all go down, but he found mickey! he announced to the group his plea to not have mickey and he was laughing because i got him!

mother's day - connect church

at connect church every mother's day they give a flower to every mother that attends services. this year they wanted to shake things up a bit! nina (my friends lindsay & haley's mom) remembered how fun and adorable the farm cookies were from preston and olivia's party. so we did it! 150 flower cookies, bagged and ribbon tied. it took me 3+ hours just to bag those little suckers!! thanks nina for the opportunity to make mother's day memorable this year!

i also made some extras for family and friends

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

welcome kynslee grace

what a double treat to go and visit a precious newborn and receive a bag full of yummy baby cookies! dave and bridgitte welcome their first daughter, kyslee grace

just cuz

i rarely get the opportunity to make something just because.. every week i have an order and it is sometimes difficult to fit in extras! i made this cake to bring to work and have my work buds enjoy a slice! this is just a simple little cake but on the inside, is so much drama! the cake has bacardi 151 and spiced rum and the icing is not innocent.. it has light rum... rum=yum! the silver dragees' add some drama also!

wild about cheer

my little renee (her real name is rylee) is a competitive cheerleader for WAC (wild about cheer).. they are having their annual banquet and the theme is denim and diamonds.. i made all of the sweets with white and silver accents and gotta have cookies... those diamond ring cookies came in handy for this event also! the table looked so gorgeous!

blue hawaiian wedding shower

shane and ashlee are tying the knot in las vegas and the ceremony will have a very special guest... elvis!
we had quite a feast.. fried turkey, steak fries, fried pickles, earl cambell links, chips, dips and of course sweets! i made sweetheart brownie bites, engagement ring and vegas style cookies.