Wednesday, August 25, 2010

kylie's candy bar

for kylie's 13th birthday - she wanted a BIG party... huh? each year that child has a big party - what is she talking about!! she decided on a pool party (doable but... we do not have one of those!) well pat does (papa harse's girlfriend).. she said yes and began to prep her yard for the big day!

seeing that it is outside and a pool party i still wanted some sort of a theme.. last year for her birthday she flew to NYC to visit her uncle jeff - they went to dylan's candy bar and she loved that place... who wouldn't though, tons of candy everywhere! seeing that candy buffets are growing in popularity at weddings and parties, i should join in the fad and do that!
so we did, i had the official logo altered to have her name instead of dylan and stephanie ( took some sweet pool pics for the invites (done by and started planning the fun.
i wanted the kids to have something to take away from the party but these are teenagers now.. harder to please.. i saw some great water jugs at dollar tree (pink, lime and turquoise) in the late spring and snatched them up.. i hate cups everywhere! rachel helped me with the cricut machine and we cut out their names in vinyl so they had clearly marked "cups" and could take them home (no trash, no dishes!) also found some donut floaties in pink, lime and turquoise and bought up some of those.. other than that all i had to worry about was the table and the food.
the candy bar consisted of assorted glass jars found at the dollar tree and michael's.. i bought non-chocolate candies, ribbons and made tags for the jars.. i already had the cute tablecloths.
of course she wanted a cake and cookies (she has to see me make this stuff on a weekly basis, poor kid!) the cake is the dylan's logo and the cookies, 13's and bikinis.. yellow polka dot bikinis!!

the kids had a blast, some could not make it, that is ok to me!
less teenagers = less drama

"this was the best party ever" - everyone said to me! and i agree, it was so fun! they all came back to our house to crash! i fed them pancakes, candy and juice the next morning!

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