Saturday, September 27, 2008

ema turns one!! 09-27-08

ema's mom lori had several great ideas in mind for her first birthday. one of them being, taking a cake to have her portraits made. where was this idea when kylie was one?? this cake was inspired by one lori found on the internet (kudos to the designer). i just adjusted to the colors lori desired. ema was introduced to her cake the day before the pictures and was quite amazed! so on picture day she was ready to get into this cake with BOTH hands. she is so adorable! also, i made this cake again along with cupcakes for her birthday party which is today. i am sure she was a show stopper at her party!! she is quite the little ham! thanks lori for believing in me and allowing me to be a part of ema's big day!!


Brenda said...

So cute! Great idea to take her cake to get photos done. Another great job.

Lesa said...

Looks good!

Brenda said...

Check out these Graveyard Cupcakes!