Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ahoy matey

michael is out at sea turning 3!

tara found a professional cake online and asked for some minor tweaking to the embellishments.. so the challenge is on like donkey kong.. (you have to be my age to get that, lol)

this was a fun challenge! working with the fondant creating different shapes was fun, covering the cake with fondant was another story.. i apparently have slept since the last time i did this.. i made a mistake and well i covered it with creativity! i am not telling you where and how i messed up.. i would never reveal myself like that!! it turned out cuter than expected and was a huge hit! michael was pretty proud of it - that is all that matters!

tara came over and helped with the pirate ship and skull and crossbones cookies
one night. they were way cute and yummy of course!

(will add pics later... sorry)

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