Tuesday, April 7, 2009

oh baby boy!

i was asked by one of my favorite customers to make a boy cake for a shower. this would be for the big sister who just turned one in august and i made her lady bug cake (check that out too!) lori knew that she wanted a similar designed used in one of her showers. we just made it to accommodate a smaller crowd. the main embellishment was to have a tag with the baby's name... mommy and daddy went back and forth and by the time the shower had approached there was not a name that they were 100% sold on. no biggie, to:baby. that works!! the cake is a triple chocolate recipe with chocolate cream cheese icing. yum! the top of the "box" is styrofoam covered in baby blue fondant icing. thanks to my friend wendy at my work for the perfectly made bow, which made this gift a real hit! the tag is also made from fondant icing. the top was nicely anchored with toothpicks for easy removal and there was wax paper sandwiched in between to keep it fresher. the ladies loved this cake and it was a perfect compliment to a fabulous italian luncheon. thanks lori for the recommendations and being a repeat customer, you are the best!!

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Jannina said...

You have some awesome cakes and desserts!!!