Thursday, April 23, 2009

michael's legoland birthday party!!!

ok, so my little nephew (the reason why i am auntie m) is turning the big 2!! this year is a fun theme of legos. michael loves blocks, what a better theme?? tara designed an adorable invitation and we sorta designed the cakes to match! she also wanted some lego cookies for the table and the goodie bags!
so michael was diagnosed with mono on his actual birthday and the party was postponed until he got better. unc grump (yes, scott) helped with the first batch of cookies. since it was 2 weeks away the cookies would not have made it, so they were eaten... all 5 dozen of them. we went and visited michael the night the party was scheduled and still gave him a gift and brought dinner and cookies! he is too adorable... he love imagination movers from the disney channel!
ok, the party is on and this time i have a different helper, brenda. she was a vital part of the completion of this big undertaking!

we had fun BOTH times making these goodies - love auntie m

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