Sunday, November 30, 2008

gobble gobble... 11/26/08

i have created a... turkey! From the inspiration of a cookie cutter, he is here. I first attempted enlarging the outline of the cookie cutter and had zero luck. (I have not yet mastered the copy machine) I now attempted to just free hand this, I can do this right??!!

It is a close comparison I do say so my self. I made the cake in a jelly roll pan and traced around the wax paper and TA DA!... here he is. I now inverted him from the pan to the base. Isn't he cute??!!

Now for the spice cream cheese frosting. yum! I outlined his feathers in chopped pecans and sliced almonds. He has a chocolate chip for an eye.

He is too cute to cut! His name is Ross. After last year's almost disaster at the "in law's", his name is inspired by that catastrophe! I now have to hand him over to his owner, Kris. She ordered him for her Thanksgiving feast. I later heard he was a HIT! He does have a great personality if I do say so myself!! Next year I will make him for myself!


Brenda said...

He is so cute! I love his

ky ky said...

ROSS i bet he was good. I want a turky 4 our thanksgiving party mama