Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treat...

Here are some more pics of my favorite Halloween goodies I made this year. I received an "honorable mention" for our desk decorating contest at work for having such a cute set up and many sweet treats....... I attempted at sweet bribes to place, so many cool desks! All of the treats were devoured quickly!

These are my balls... cake truffles that is. The flavor is redvelvet. I made them different, they look like mini cupcakes, no wrapper! Too fun, I love this method so much I may not go back to boring balls... why? when you can have a surprise inside of a cupcake!

Mummies are yummy!I did not leave them out of the other post on the cookies, they just break easy and out of a batch of 10 yes 10 only 4 made it. I love these little mummies!!

Here are my extra spicy spice cupcakes with cream cheese vanilla icing and topped with cinnamon... delish!! Oh and here they are on my new cupcake stand.

My modest set up on my desk. A little busy I know but you get the picture!

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